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Berlin  Unlikely2.0 (Reprinted in cityLit series, Berlin Oxygen Books: 2009)

Fiction 2001 - 2007

A Christmas Present for Joaquin Orchard Press Online Mystery Magazine Dec. 2001

Cosmologies In Possie Review 2002

The Travelling Girl flashquake Fiction 1/6/02

Betting the Family Farm Quantum Muse 4/06/02 (sold for download by escapepod, 2007)

My Pet Vampire Gator Springs Gazette - BLOOD MOUSTACHE - October 2002

The Christmas Dinner Gator Springs Gazette - THE QUILT - 2002

On the Way to Nashville The Dead Mule 2003

Yo! Banana Boy Gator Springs Gazette - INNOCENTS ABROAD - 2003

True Lies The Dead Mule 2004

Poppies Gator Springs Gazette 2005

April Fool Quantum Muse 2006

Box The Write Side Up Issue 8 2007


"Workers accept the risk by the nature of their job, they accept it willingly and hopefully they are paid for it," says Steven Simon, a health physicist at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. "You don't have the same opportunities to protect them [as the general public], because they agreed to go into a high-risk place." (Science Insider, published by Science, on risk to Japanese nuclear workers) http://news.sciencemag.org/scienceinsider/

Other Writing

"Mangoes and Roses"

first prize, short story contest, Yosemite Writers Convention, August 2004


Happy Birthday

Frigg: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry Winter 2004

Online Non-fiction

Three Women: Getting By

CSAC Studies in Anthropology Vol 11 1996

Social Context and the Limits on Symbolic Meanings EthnoGraphics Gallery

Academic Publications

"Another Way of Being British: Ethnicity and South Asians in England" 1997 Negotiating Multiculturalism in Europe: Collective Identities and the Politics of Representation. ed. Tariq Modood and Pnina Werbner. Berg Press: London.

"Household size strategies in an urban community in Pakistan", 1996, with M. D. Fischer. Family and Gender in Pakistan: Domestic Organization in a Muslim Society, ed Hastings Donnan, Hindustan Press: New Delhi.

"Islam and Islamic Women in Britain." 1995. Women: A Cultural Review: 6.1

Social Context and the Limits on Symbolic Meanings, 1994. in Ethnographics Gallery 1A, WWW//http:lucy.ukc.ac.uk/Tradition/Vaka.html.

"Transformations of a Body of Knowledge: Medical Practice in Lahore", 1991 Economy and Culture in Pakistan, eds. H. Donnan & P. Werbner, Macmillan.

"Description and Fieldwork Methodology: Marriage, Kinship and Friendship in Urban Punjab", with M. Fischer. 1992, Journal of Quantitative Anthropology.

"Pakistan", 1990,Women's Encyclopedia III, ed. Helen Tierney (revised edition to appear in 1996.)


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